Presencia™ is specialized training for senior leaders and their teams.

The number one reason employees leave is due to uncaring and ineffective leaders.

Why do we call it Presencia™

Elevated leaders strive to be fully present while demonstrating their own personal ability to learn and grow.

Leadership presence includes:

Strong Connections

Strong connections help elevated leaders draw out strengths and value the contributions of others. Leaders who demonstrate this skill build strong and lasting rapport, which leads to greater levels of engagement and retention.

Authentic Trust

Trustworthy and trusting leaders foster confidence by creating a safe and open work environment. Nurturing trust requires deep levels of self-awareness and the courage to be vulnerable.

Inspired Action

Elevated leaders clearly articulate goals inspiring others to achieve mission focused outcomes. When ideas and actions are aligned the whole team feels inspired.

How Presencia™ Works

12-36 Month Engagement (Depending on the size and needs of your organization)


Introductory Dialogue

A candid interview with the CEO to discover synergies and determine fit.

Design/Strategy Session

Presentation of a plan of action, shared accountabilities and required investment.


A decision to move forward or not.


Assessment Intake

In person assessments with each member of the executive team.

Personal and Shared Development Plan

Development and creation of individual and team goals designed to elevate leader behaviors.

Regular One-on-One Interactions

Each leader meets with one of our highly trained leaders to discuss personal implimentation plans.

Regular Executive Team Meetings

Embedded Presencia™ interactions focused on the shared process inefficiences and stressors that threaten effective and successful outcomes.

Professional management and follow-up

Telios provides management training and follow-up to the team and to each individual leader.

sageing symphony

Presencia™ | Case Studies

  • Problem: Leadership growing pains and low levels of accountability and trust
  • Solution: Embedded Presencia™ focused on personal and team elevation
  • Result: Greater understanding of the organization’s core values
  • Problem: New and inexperienced leadership and high turnover on senior leadership team
  • Solution: Embedded Presencia™ focused on team evolution and group dynamics
  • Result: Higher levels of trust, engagement, and emotional intelligence
  • Problem: Entitled culture with current leaders nearing retirement
  • Solution: Elevation of future leaders through the embedded Presencia™ methodology
  • Result: Elevated vision and empowerment of future leaders
  • Problem: Low levels of trust and communication endangering a new business process
  • Solution: Presencia™ delivers focused one-on-one and team interactions
  • Result: Successful and on-time roll out of critical business process

Elevate You and Your Team!

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