Telios Corporation, the leading consulting firm focused on elevating leaders, has enhanced development and performance across industries since 2002.

In keeping with its name, Greek for fully developed and whole, Telios strategically elevates leaders and reshapes workplace cultures to bring the untapped potential of successful businesses to fruition. Through a tried-and-tested methodology that seamlessly integrates team and corporate goals, we build long-term success by connecting executive teams to a powerful sense of purpose, guiding them towards meaningful action, and equipping them with success-building behaviors.

In a hybrid-dominant business landscape, Telios’ services are essential for a seamlessly run, results-driven workplaces. Our commitment to inspire growth from the inside out, produces deep-rooted shifts in behavior that are geared for productivity and forward-thinking leadership, whether working remotely, in-office, or both. We create powerful company cultures by offering advancement to every member of an organization, no matter how large a team may be, redefining dynamic and influential leadership in the process.


Dr. Andrew Thorn

Founder and CEO


Benoy Tamang


President Benoy Tamang conducts the orchestra alongside founder and CEO, Dr. Andrew Thorn, drawing on over 50 years of combined effort in leading both thought and action. Following his Ph.D. research on how to create lasting behavioral changes in the workplace, Dr. Thorn was motivated to bring his system of leadership techniques into real-world practice. At the same time, Benoy Tamang was pursuing a similar goal of helping leaders produce accelerated results in the high stakes world of venture funded technology companies. Together, the two are elevating leaders and reshaping cultures, and continue to enjoy exceptional results, as they have for over two decades.

Three levels of implementation form the basis of Telios’ methodology. A thorough assessment process comes first, where intangible information is efficiently converted into fact-based data. This produces the roadmap to a well-informed action plan, forming a starting point from which to measure improvement accurately. Next, Telios facilitates robust development plans with a focus on experiential learning. A philosophy of offering an immersive experience over giving a detached explanation underpins each training module. Finally, custom coaching relationships supply a sturdy system of accountability for individuals, teams, and organizations. This ensures forward mobility that is real, tailored, and long lasting.

Every stakeholder is considered valuable and important in Telios’ holistic approach to elevating leader development. With a formidable portfolio of Fortune 250 companies, educational institutions, municipalities, non-profits, and SMEs behind us, our proven and personalized methodology is the force behind lasting leadership and productivity improvements across an array of industries. The United Way, Marshall Goldsmith, Citibank, Merck, UBS, and many other global brands are enjoying significant improvement from our services.

While business environments are always evolving, the principles that motivate sustainable change remain the same, starting from within the ranks of your most dedicated leaders, and permeating outwards to touch every team and person in your organization. The workplace of the future requires a vibrant culture characterized by clarity, alignment, and commitment to growth.

Elevating Leaders and Reshaping Culture Includes:

  • A thorough assessment of leaders
  • An Immersive experiential development plan
  • Tailored coaching relationships
Team meeting

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