Telios Symphony

Behavioral based leadership strategies for you and your organization

Telios Symphony

Telios Symphony is an integrated methodology involving every level of your organization. It is a fully researched model with over a decade of global implementations.

Why do we call it Symphony?

An orchestra depends on each musician perfecting their part. The conductor instinctively knows how to bring out the best of each individual ultimately delivering beautiful music.

Conductors | Leaders

The conductor conveys the feeling and the vision of the music and unlocks the potential of each musician. Likewise, leaders in organizations must clearly communicate purpose and vision and unlock the potential of each stakeholder.

Musicians | Stakeholders

Professional musicians tirelessly practice in private to perfect their instrument. This ensures that the orchestra performs flawlessly and creates beautiful music. All stakeholders in an organization must be willing to do the same so that they can perfect their own responsibilities and ensure the success of the organization.

Practice | Behavior

Orchestras depend on the conductor and each musician aligning their personal behaviors with those of the other members. Organizations also depend on their leaders and each individual developing the interpersonal skills and behaviors that accelerate the growth of the business model.

How Telios Symphony works

8 - 12 Month Engagement (Depending on the needs of your organization)

Determining Fit

Introductory Dialogue

A candid interview with the CEO to discover synergies and determine fit.

Design/Strategy Session

Presentation of a plan of action, shared accountabilities and required investment.


A decision to move forward or not.


1-on-1 Assessments

In person assessments with each person involved in the implementation

Behavior Development Plan

Development and creation of individual goals and key indicators of success.

Peer-to-Peer Accountability

Each participant is assigned to a thinking, supporting, and accountability partnership to ensure success.

Small group training of organization values

Establish leadership development team that drives corporate vision, values and principles.

Professional management and follow-up

Telios provides management training and follow-up to each level of the implementation.

Telios Symphony | Case Studies

  • Problem: Multiple mergers across multiple countries resulting in culture, behavior, and revenue issues.
  • Solution: 12-month Symphony™ implementation and cultural development plan.
  • Result: Vibrant culture with 300% growth in revenue.

  • Problem:
  • Solution:
  • Result:

  • Problem: Cultural and leadership disconnect between organization and top donors.
  • Solution: Symphony™ implementation, cultural development with United Way leadership and top donors to create clarity of purpose.
  • Result: Unified purpose with donors and leadership and donors were retained

  • Problem: (Sacramento Municipal Utility District) Mature culture in need of revitalization and a developed emerging leadership base. Current leadership was nearing retirement.
  • Solution: Symphony™ implementation focusing on leadership development through all levels of the organization.
  • Result: Revitalized Organization. Over five years later, many of the task force members, and those who participated in the personal and professional development initiative are leading in prominent roles, including four of the six members of the current executive management team.

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